Red and Green Pumpkin GamePlay:

Red And Green Pumpkin is an exciting adventure game for 2 players that you guys can play at frivcom 2021 whenever you want. It’s not too challenging to play but you have to be careful in every step you make. Otherwise, you can’t reach your goal. Your ultimate goal is to collect a golden key at the end of each level to reveal the invisible door, then move to the next stage.

There are 2 characters for 2 players. However, you can play this game along without a friend by controlling both characters. Because these two characters don’t have to go along with each other. Therefore, you can lead one character to the final destination first. After that, you take another one to the first one. As soon as two characters come to the key, that level is completed. Controlling both characters at the same time is challenging and you can make many mistakes along the way. Just one character dies can make you restart that level.

Here at https://friv.land/, the way to the key is filled with obstacles, enemies, and dangers. They can take your life easily. Sometimes you need to make use of some objects such as the jump ramps to approach what you want. You have no power or weapon to defeat enemies. Then the only way to get rid of those deadly creatures is to jump over them. Touch them and you die as well.

Make sure you are ready all the time because something that you didn’t expect awaits you in the later levels. Have a safe journey and you can embark on new adventures in other fun games such as Among Jumper and Warrior And Beast.

How to play: Use WASD to control the Red character and arrow keys to control the Green character.

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