Equations Flapping GamePlay:

Do you know what? Another version of Flappy Birds is available at friv online Games. It brings you something refreshing that you never try in other versions of that famous title. It’s called Equations Flapping. It’s a unique combination of Flappy Birds and math. Instead of flying through the pipes or columns, as usual, you have to do maths. The bird always goes down. When you tap or click, it will go up. Here, you not only fight against gravity but also numbers.

Do quick mental math to find the answer for each multiplication, then fly through the correct answer. Be quick because you don’t have much time to do the math. The game ends because of 2 reasons. The reason one is you choose the wrong answer. The reason two is the bird hits the tree. Each time you get the correct answer, you get one point. After playing for a few minutes, you may find this game is not challenging as other versions of the game. It feels like you have more control over the bird.

Here at https://friv.land/, even though you have to do the math, you still find it easier to earn points. Manage to set a record, then break it on the next try. The game offers 2 game modes including a challenging mode in which you earn a score after completing multiplication and a fun mode that has no numbers and no score. Multiplications are quite simple. That’s why kids can play this game as well.

Kids can play and learn at the same time. You can also play this game with your friend to find out who has more scores. Enjoy the game and check out other amazing options such as Doraemon and Longest Neck Stack Run 3D

Instructions: Tap or click.

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