Fast Knife GamePlay:

Players are happy as Larry as they join Fast Knife on Friv.land. The rule of this game is very simple. You stab draggers at the target. Avoid shooting at existing blades. Sometimes you should thank your lucky stars when you dodge one knife. Fast Knife game of friv4school app is a hurdle which you desire to overcome.


Fast Knife free game is a shooting game. You won’t feed up with this game. You own and use knives to shoot them at the target. You get points as soon as one knife thrusts at the target. You have one point for each successful shot. You have three lives at friv4school app game. Don’t use up them!

The number of knives changes through levels. The more levels you get, the more blades you have to shoot. In the level 1, you have to shoot 5 knives. You shoot them at the target. The target is a round wooden board. In the level 1, nothing is on the target at first. You shoot 5 blades at the log to win the first level on friv4school app for free. When you shoot the fifth knife successfully, the target breaks into pieces.

In the level 2, you shoot 6 knives. There are three apples on the target. You can try to shoot fruits or not. You shoot 7 knives in the level 3. There are 3 apples and 3 knives on the target. You mustn’t shoot one knife at another one. You will lose the game immediately if you make two blades touch each other. The game becomes more and more challenging. It rotates slowly at first, but it moves faster and faster. It will rotate in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. It moves fast then slows down suddenly. It changes the direction in a blink of an eye.

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  • Use the mouse to play.
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