Knife Hit Horror GamePlay:

How brave are you? If you love the horror game, don't miss out on this cool knife throwing game with a twist. It's the special version of the original game Knife Hit, but this time, your targets are the scary monster heads. The rules remain the same in this version. Your main goal is to throw all given knives to stab them into a spinning evil clown head within the limited time. However, you must avoid hitting the previous blades on the target.

It has an easy gameplay, however, will you have the courage to look straight ahead and throw the knives into the scary clown heads? For each successful level, you gain more coins which can be used to unlock new knives and buy some useful boosters. Use these boosters wisely and you will get very far in this game from free Friv land. However, if you fail to pass the level, some scary monsters will jump on the screen!

This game is not a great choice for sensitive players with heart issues, but a game won't be interesting without a little adrenaline rush. You can even train yourself to become braver after playing this fun game! Are you ready to destroy all clowns and get your rewards? Use your perfect eyesight to win the game in the dim light of the horror house at https://friv.land/. Play some more games like Ninja Defender and Crush The Tower for free!


Throw the blades by clicking your left mouse.

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