Fun Garage Station GamePlay:

Fun Garage Station is an enjoyable game where you will play as a hard-working staff in a garage station. This is one of the best games for kids that you can find at https://friv.land/. Why? Because it has rich content, attractive gameplay, and easy control mechanics. Have you ever wanted to become a staff working in a garage or a professional bus maintenance worker? Here, you guys will experience different jobs in the garage.

Every day is a busy day. You won’t have any time to rest. So many cars and buses are waiting for you to wash, fix and customize in the garage. Are you ready for a hard-working day? You can start with any jobs available on the screen such as washing a car, parking a car, fixing a car, finding a hidden car, and more. It means there are 10 mini-games in only one game. For example, in the washing car mission, you have to clean a dirty car with soap, water, glass cleaner, and so on.

Like other games for kids at friv games 2022, each mini-game here has instructions. Kids can perform each task step by step easily, even without parents. Kids will learn something through playing each mini-game. Yes, they not only have a great entertaining time but also their skills will be improved a lot. This game won’t let kids down because they can try out a variety of jobs at the garage, from car washing to vehicle maintenance.

Besides, they don’t have to reach any goals such as collecting a certain number of items or gaining a specific number of points to open the next job. Time is also unlimited. They can start the game with any mission that they want. That’s all about this game. If you look for more games similar to this one, you can search for them by keywords or categories. Besides, the following options are also worth your time: Rope Dude and Math Runner Combine Number.

Controls: Mouse.

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