Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers GamePlay:

As its name, Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers will bring you hours of joy by its awesome and fun gameplay at friv Games to play. Interestingly, you can play this game with one of your friends or family members or you can fight against the computer because you have 1-player and 2-player modes to choose from. You will step into the ring for 5 rounds.

To win, you have to punch and make the special hit when it’s available to make your opponent runs out of HP. A round can’t be finished after a few seconds if you know how to use tricks. Besides using the special hit to knock out your opponent faster, you can push him off the ring. This is the fastest way to end a round. However, be careful because your opponent can use the same trick.

On https://friv.land/, another tip you should keep in your mind is to punch the opponent non-stop. If you stop, it means you give your opponent a chance to knock you out and that will be the end of your life. Punch and keep punching will ensure your victory. Don’t underestimate your computer opponent because he is skillful than you think. The gaming experience will be better if you play this game with your friend. Dealing with a real opponent makes the match more competitive and enjoyable.

The game doesn’t feature any items or skins for you to unlock. With your powerful punches, the victory is yours. Have a great time here and don’t forget to try other games such as STICKMAN BOXING KO CHAMPIAN and Stickman Army 3


Player 1: WS to move, AD to punch, and E to take special hits.

Player 2: Up/down arrow keys to move, right/left arrow keys to punch, and right shift to take special hits.

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