Save The Uncle GamePlay:

Save The Uncle is the latest puzzle game with pin-pulling gameplay that you may have experienced in so many games. Here at friv com school, your mission is to save the uncle who is in trouble. He wants to rescue his girlfriend and his life is threatened by giant spiders, monsters, and deadly traps. The uncle’s life is decided by pins. You have to pull the right pin in the right order. Otherwise, you will send the uncle to death.

The more pins the puzzle has, the more challenging the puzzle to solve. However, you don’t need to pull all the pins. You just need to pull the right pins to reach the target at each level. After a few levels, the target you need to reach will be changed. Some levels require you to save a girl. Some levels require you to collect some items and some levels require you to kill monsters and escape. Do you admit that playing puzzle games not only helps you entertain but also improves your thinking skills?

That’s why here at https://friv.land/, new puzzle games are always added to satisfy puzzle game lovers. Even though so many games have this pull-the-pin gameplay, each one is worth playing due to its concept and theme. The puzzles in those games are different and of course, you will experience different things in each puzzle game that you play. This game doesn’t offer hints.

So, whether the puzzle is solved or not, it’s all up to you. If you fail on the first try, try again and you are sure to figure out the solution. Enjoy every single moment you spend here and don’t forget to check out other wonderful options such as Mushroom Match Master and Butterfly Matching

Instructions: Mouse.

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