Hold Position 3 GamePlay:

Defense your castle with all the resources you can get in Hold Position 3! It's a new game which has gained the attention of so many players in Friv land thanks to the pixelated graphics and the fun gameplay. You can kill some enemies and protect your castle in Hold Position 3 for free. Play Hold Position 3 online now!

How long will you be able to hold the position of your castle in the latest game from Friv land: Hole Position 3? Your castle is being attacked by multiple enemies so you need to use all the resources to protect it!

There will be waves of enemies approaching from two sides of your castle. With each wave, the enemies will increase power and quantity in order to destroy the castle. You need to use the defense and attack mechanism to stay alive and protect it for as long as possible. The longer your castle stands, the more coins you get.

After each turn, you can enter the shop and upgrade your weapons to make sure that your castle can hold longer. For each wave that you win, you will be rewarded in the form of gold and diamonds. In this Friv land game, there is also a feature which allows you to speed up the game. Moreover, pay attention to the statistics at the top of the game screen to control the energy level and the enemy count. Your number of gold and diamond will be presented there as well.

But keep in mind that every 5th level, the boss will come to destroy your fortress. So make sure that you build up a strong defense to survive the levels. There are so many fun games like this at http://friv.land/. Don't miss them out!

How to play: choose with your left mouse.

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