Hot Dog Bush GamePlay:

George ‘Dubya’ Bush has been kicked out of the White House. He is wondering what he will do next to pay for his life and he saw a man passing by with a hot dog. And he came up with an idea for his new life. He will sell hot dogs in Hot Dog Bush at Friv Cooking. Do you want to join him? There are 2 game modes including Career and Speed. In Speed mode, you have to make a hot dog as fast as you can because you race against time.

In Career mode, you help George settle his new job and new life. Let’s forget about the life of a president. Now, you play as George who is a hot dog seller. Customers will come to your vendor not because of the reputation of a former president but because of the delicious taste of the hot dog you make. Customers have different tastes, then they will order the hot dog with different toppings and fillings. Make sure you keep it in your mind and serve each customer a perfect hot dog as requested.

On friv free games, you can grill several sausages at once to serve your customers as fast as possible. However, don’t overcook the sausages. Don’t burn the sausages because your customers don’t want to eat the sausage with a weird taste. You have to earn a certain amount of money at each level to unlock the new stage.

Besides, as you advance, new drinks and toppings will be unlocked. As your business expands, you can open new branches in other cities. Have fun and conquer the hot dog world. You can find a lot of fun in other games such as Burger Now and Super Burger 2.


Use your mouse to cook and serve hot dogs.

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