Save The Dog GamePlay:

The popular puzzle game named Save The Gog is finally available at https://friv.land/. If you love solving puzzles, you shouldn’t miss this game. Protecting the dog from bee attacks is your main mission here. To do that, you have to give the dog a shield or a cover, so that bees can’t reach it. Drawing lines or any shapes to stop bees from stinging the dog after you finish drawing. That shield needs to stand for 10 seconds.

Under the attack of the bees, if what you drew can keep the dog safe for 10 seconds, that mission is clear. Otherwise, you have to restart that level. It seems to be easy, right? You need to be careful as you have only one chance to draw. It means when you leave your hand, what you draw is considered complete.

After that, the bees will fly out of the hive and head to the dog. You can’t fix your creation or draw more. Don’t worry if you can’t find any solution. In addition to friends’ help, thisFriv land game offers you hints. So, if you get stuck and can’t find a solution, don’t hesitate to use the hind to complete that level. You have several solutions to solve a puzzle.

Yes, a puzzle can be solved in several ways; therefore, unleash your creativity and find the most effective ways to rescue the dog from danger. Enjoy your time here and remember that you can always find games that suit your taste on our site. Searching by category or by name and you will get a lot of options. Some of the best options for you are Wood Gems and Guess Number Quick Math Games.

Instructions: Mouse.

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