Protect The Dog 3D GamePlay:

Protect The Dog 3D is a fun drawing puzzle game that everyone can enjoy, even kids because it has simple gameplay and control mechanics. The title of the game has told you about your main objective which is to protect the dog from wild animals by building walls or bridges. You will deal with different situations. Sometimes, you have to build walls surrounding the dog and sometimes, you have to build a bridge for the dog to walk towards the plane.

Different situations have different solutions. You just need to draw and once you finish, the walls or bridges will appear and the wild animals start walking around to find a way to attack the dog for a few seconds. After time runs out, if the dog is still safe, that level is complete. Do you see a bar with 3 stars on the top of the screen? This bar plays as ink. The more ink you use, the fewer stars you get. Enjoy it and show off your skills with new challenges in other games at Friv games unblocked such as Draw Rainbow Ninja and Happy Filled Glass 3 Game.

There are 65 puzzles with increasing difficulty. This game doesn’t offer any hint. However, the puzzles are easy and challenging enough for you to solve them. After a few levels, there is a bonus level in which the dog walks on a runway and collects as many bones as possible to get the highest level of reward. Depending on your performance, you will get money after completing a level. However, money isn’t used for buying anything in this Frivland kids game. Hope you have a great time here.


Use MOUSE to play the game.

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