Knifez .io GamePlay:

Knifez .io is a great multiplayer battle royale online IO game in which you embark in an epic battle against many players from around the world to find out who is the real ruler of the battlefield. This exciting io game brings you hours of fun with simple but smooth gameplay. You can get used to its gameplay right away after a few seconds. Here at play friv Games, conquering the leaderboard is your objective and also other players goal.

So, this is highly competitive combat. To win the battle, you should check out some following tips. Firstly, eat as many multicolored dots as possible to grow in size, strength and add extra lives. Secondly, in the beginning, you should move to the edge of the map. Not many players come here. So you can focus on eating without worrying about your enemies on http://friv.land.

Thirdly, you must combine between attack and defend. Quickly take action or attack from their back to get the best result. Besides, quickly avoid the attacks of any enemies on the map. Fourthly, when you kill any opponents, you must hurry to collect the remaining that they left behind. These things make you grow faster than eating the normal multicolored dots.

Interestingly, the game features 3 different modes for you to explore. Each mode offers a different gaming experience, so you don’t want to miss any of them for sure. Remember that stay alive until the end in every mode is your ultimate goal. Good luck and have fun. If you want to find more games related to this one but offer different gameplay, you should check out Beetles .io and Slime LOL.

How to play: Use your mouse to make your warrior move around and left click to throw knives.

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