Jam Gold Miner GamePlay:

A different version of legendary Gold Miner, Jam Gold Miner is a fast-paced action game gives you the familiar and new gold-digging experience. Are you ready to become the richest miner in the world? Why you should play this game? Firstly, it’s fun and addictive. Secondly, it’s different from the classic one. Finally, it keeps you play more and more and doesn’t make you feel bored. Here at Friv4shool 2019, this game gives you fresh gameplay.

The game doesn’t offer several levels and goal that you have to complete. It features endless gameplay. That means you play as long as you can which is based on your skills. You mine as much as possible within a limited of time. When you mine a bar of gold or diamond, the time is added to the time bar, so you have to determine the right time to release your claw and catch gems. However, the difficulty of the games will increase over time.

Gems are located deep underground and the mice hold them move really fast. Besides, there are some moles that prevent you from pulling gems on http://friv.land/. If your claw touches them, gems will drop. More moles will appear later one. You will find it hard to let your claw through them. The game is over when the time bar drops to 0. Let’s see how many gems can you mine in this fun addictive game. Test your gaming skills in many great choices such as Flip The Gun and 8 Ball Pool Billiards. Have fun!

How to play: Mining by using your left mouse button.

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