Fireline: Merge Defense GamePlay:

Fireline: Merge Defense is the latest tower defense game at Friv games in which your main goal is to protect your homeland from a mighty army of blocks. They are coming and flooding into your land. They try to dominate it. Stop them at all costs. All you need to do is to merge two cannons of the same level to upgrade their power. At first, you have only one slot to place your cannon. You can unlock more slots. Your cannon auto-shoots at the nearest blocks. You don’t have to navigate it. You only need to merge more cannons to upgrade the power.

Waves after waves of blocks will approach you and they become more powerful as you progress. That’s why you want to upgrade your cannons whenever you can. You earn coins from shooting blocks and besides leveling up your cannons, you also can buy other upgrades including Cannon Constructor, Power Upgrader, and Offline Cornucopia. Also, you can unlock new technologies. One of the best tips to conquer this game at Fireline: Merge Defense is never stop upgrading even if you have only one slot to place one cannon. The next slot will be available soon. You need to prepare in advance to be always ready for any situation. Not only normal blocks, but you also face bosses.

Do you see the number on each block? That number means your cannon has to shoot with that exact number to eliminate the block. The game ends when the block army touches your cannons. Don’t let it happen. However, don’t worry if you lose because you don’t have to be back to level 1. Instead, you just need to restart that level. Good luck and check out other cool games such as Clash Of Warriors and Water Flow Connect.

Controls: Mouse.

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