Among As Running GamePlay:

Endless runner games are always fun to play and new options are regularly added to the collection at free online friv Games. Today is a good day to experience a new non-stop running journey. Welcome you to Among As Running. Play as Imposter from Among Us, you run and jump your way through various obstacles to the furthest. It’s not a traditional endless runner game that you often play.

Instead of changing the lanes to avoid obstacles and jumping over barriers, you have to jump over the TNT and holes all the time. If you hit the TNT or fall into the hole, you die. As a result, you turn back to the starting line and start over. You jump and it’s not sure that you succeed. If you jump in the wrong moment, you can land directly on the TNT or fall into the hole.

Therefore, the key is to time your jump. It’s important to know when you should jump. Just a second sooner or later, your journey unexpectedly ends and that’s not what you want for sure. As you may have realized early on, this game does not offer special items like other options of the same genre at https://friv.land/. Although those power-ups don’t send you to the furthest quickly they help you a lot. However, win or lose, die or survive, it’s all up to you in this game.

Remember that Imposter auto-runs toward and his running speed will increase a little bit over time. You need to focus more on jumping. How far can you reach? Check it out and don’t forget to explore other fun games such as Cheese Chopper and Crowd Run

How to play: Mouse to jump.