Karate King GamePlay:

Let’s fight your way to beat all enemies who want to kill you. Punch and kick them right after they appear in the ring. Karate King is a fun yet challenging game where you show off your karate skills. Here at https://friv.land/, this is one of the latest games that is easy to play but hard to master. You are alone while enemies are crowded. You have to deal with them just by punching and kicking.

Besides, you have only one life. If you get hit by one of your enemies, you lose. Enemies will approach you from your left and your right side. You can move to avoid their attack. Don’t let them come to you so close. When they come close to you, you will find it harder to attack them and protect your life, especially when you are surrounded by 2 enemies.

With a killed enemy, you get 1 point, and earning as many scores as possible by beating as many enemies as you can is your main goal. In this cool friv school game, you need to be fast enough to attack them before they attack you. You need to get ready all the time to deal with them. Face an enemy each time is easy but facing two enemies at once is challenging and possibly, you will be defeated. Spend time practicing and your karate skills will be improved.

Don’t give up if you fail several times. You will get experience after each failure. And victory will be yours someday. Break a leg and make sure you check out other fun games on our site Squid Basket and Gumball Penalty kick are two of the best choices for you.

How to play: Click to attack and arrow keys to move.

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