Mr Bullet 2 GamePlay:

Mr Bullet 2 is a perfect combination of puzzle game and shooting game which suits both newbies and masters. Play as a special agent with amazing shooting skills, you will do a top-secret mission which is to take down zombies, ninjas, gangsters and more. You must eliminate all targets in each level by using as few bullets as possible. Each stage gives you a certain number of the bullet.

You can use all of them to kill your enemies but it’s better to use less. At play free friv Games, you will see how many bullets you have in the top of the screen. It’s just fine if you use more bullets than you have. Some first levels are too easy to complete but later on, the challenging level increases significantly as your enemies stand on the special positions. So, you will need to use your environment to find a way to kill them at all cost.

You can shoot directly at the wall and the bullet will bounce and go to your targets, or shoot at the box and the box will drop and crush your enemies. This is the puzzle element of this game. Take advantage of elements in the environment to assist you to kill enemies. This game has no element of time.

So, you can take as much time you need to aim and shoot. In some shooting games, you should shoot at enemy’s head to take them down faster but you can shoot at any body parts of your target in this game to kill them. Prove you are the best agent by completing all levels in the shortest time, then move to other games such as Knife Up and Agent P Rebel Spy at http://friv.land.

How to play: Press left mouse button to aim and release to shoot.

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