Water Lab GamePlay:

The human can’t live without water. Water plays an important role in many different fields and science is one of them. Water Lab is a puzzle game related to math, science, and experiments. Here, you have to solve the puzzle in each level by measuring the correct amount of water. You have a cup of water and some cups with different volume.

Your mission at play free friv Games is to pour the water from the first cup to other cups with the right amount of liquid in the shortest time. You should be good at math for sure. The game offers a total of 24 levels with the increasing difficulty level over time. The number inside the cup indicates the capacity of it and the number outside the cup show the current level. You take advantage of these numbers to complete each level.

You have 500 seconds to solve the puzzle. It seems a lot but you find yourself can’t finish some levels within 500 seconds. At the top of the screen in each level on http://friv.land, you will see a number. This number indicated the amount of water you have to measure. Pour the water over from this provided cup to that provided cup to have the right amount of liquid. This game has extremely unique and interesting gameplay.

You need to perform addition and subtraction operations to solve the puzzle and achieve the correct answer. Sometimes, it is hard as it seems to be. Later on, you will have different colored liquids in each level. Each colored liquid is to be poured only into the cup with the same color. Let’s see how can you deal with it. Have fun! Train your brain with some other choices of games such as Mr Bullet 2 and Knife Up.

How to play: Use your mouse to measure water.

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