Tower Defense GamePlay:

A great strategist always defends the path to his kingdom from any enemies. But killing the enemies and defending the castles are two extremely tough tasks, even for the best players. In Tower Defense, a new game from online Friv play, you will get the free training to be able to come up with the best plan. Only by being smarter will you be able to survive this intense battles.

This friv free game is all about eliminating your enemies before any of them gets to the end of the path. Players can also customize the game to be suitable with your skill by choosing from three difficulty levels. You will have a limited number of coins to buy the castles and the towers. Then, you need to choose the location to place different kinds of towers and attack any incoming wave of soldiers. Some towers can shoot the arrows while the others are the magical towers, bomber or defense wall.

It's very important that you have the best combination and the best order to place your defense. For example, placing a magical tower in the first spot to shoot down the weak soldiers is also a great choice. After a few levels, the number of soldiers will increase significantly. You might also face the aircraft and tanks from your opponents as well, so be prepared for any possible situation at http://friv.land/. Let's try out more games such as Battle Simulator and Dragon Vice City


choose and interact with your mouse.

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