The Lost Planet Tower Defense GamePlay:

The Lost Planet Tower Defense is nothing short of an interesting game at Friv.land. Your duty is protecting the towers. Use plenty of weapons to destroy insidious demons. Attack waves come continuously. Be in the zone to eliminate enemies. You can’t get enough of The Lost Planet Tower Defense game of ifriv.


The Lost Planet Tower Defense free game is a perfect way to relax. You control an army to defend your tower. How do you play this game? The mission is to escape from the planet. You will use the battery to find a new land. Try your best to win all levels in an area and unlock new zone. Get rank to collect essential items. There are six important items in ifriv games. Save item to unlock toolkit. Then you can construct super towers. You get rockets firstly. You may go to the last destination to finish the game.


The planet is divided into nine area including Original Area, Wasteland Area, Lava Area, Dreams, Biological AS, Alex Vines Area, A Purple Mountain, Crater Area, Western AS, and Final Area.  In the Original Area, enter the battle. There are six attack waves. Terminate all monsters to stop attacks. Touch any point on the road to build towers and kill monsters to get diamonds on ifriv player games. Sell useless towers to gain diamonds and upgrade useful towers.


There is a battery bar showing energy. You also see your status of leading-to-the-final-destination adventure and a number of stars you have got. Maybe you gain achievements if you get many stars and use coins to have extra bonuses. If the health points are out of, you will lose the game. Pay attention to shields. Reach the high rank to get more battery. If you die, you see your result and rank.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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