One Hit Ko GamePlay:

One Hit Ko is a simple and enjoyable endless monster-hunting game that brings you to a realm filled with monsters. So, can you guess your mission yet? It’s to kill all monsters and bring peace and safety back to this land. Here at friv Games for boys, let’s swing your sword and slide the monsters into small pieces. The gameplay is simple and easy but the simplicity makes the game enjoyable. As mentioned previously, your targets are monsters. You have to kill them.

You don’t need to go around to find them because they will come to you. Be well-prepared because instead of one monster showing up at once, you will deal with several monsters at a time. They come from everywhere. You can move around to avoid them and kill them one by one. It’s simple because if you stand still, you will be surrounded by a lot of monsters.

Unlike other games that have the same gameplay at https://friv.land/, there is nothing to collect on the map and the killed monsters won’t drop anything. All you have is a sword and you should make use of it to defeat monsters. When getting attacked by monsters, you will lose some HPs and your HPs won’t be recovered by any means. That’s why you should be careful and watch out for any monsters coming to you. The game ends when you run out of HPs.

This game is simple, isn’t it? Simple but enjoyable. You are sure to have a great gaming time here. Enjoy it and don’t forget to explore our game collections. Here are our suggestions for you: Matchcandy.io and Crazy Steve.io.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and X to attack.

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