Rabbitii 2 GamePlay:

Here at https://friv.land/, you can find so many platformer games where you embark on an unforgettable adventure, and this time, you will join a pink rabbit on a new journey. In Rabbitii 2, what you need to do is to pick up all carrots and reach the pink flag. You have to meet two requirements to finish each level and move to the next one. Firstly, collect every single carrot, and secondly, reach the pink flag. If you reach the pink flag but leave even one carrot behind, you have to go back.

Of course, life is not easy. You get carrots and you will face so many obstacles such as spikes, flying rabbit robots, black robots, and so on. You have 5 lives and these lives won’t reset after each level. 5 lives will recover when you run out of life. Have you played the first installment of this series? The second installment also offers 8 levels and the difficulty increases as you proceed.

Even though this friv play Games game won’t give you hours of gameplay, it’s enough to keep you hooked and entertain you before you play other games. It’s more challenging than you thought. Some levels will make you try again and again. With unlimited time, take your time to take each move. Run and jump carefully to avoid crashing into enemies. You don’t have any weapons or abilities to kill them. To keep your life safe, the only way you can do is to jump over them.

Make sure each jump is perfect and successful. Break a leg and have a safe and sound adventure with the pink rabbit. If you want to embark on other adventures or try something new, here are some options that you should try:……and Bonny Boy Escape.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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