Lets Go It Santa GamePlay:

Kids around the world get excited about Christmas and everyone gets excited about Christmas. Yes, Christmas is here and it means Santa Claus is delivering presents to children. Where? In Lets Go It Santa at https://friv.land/. He is busy doing this mission and he needs your help. Maybe, it’s snowing heavily and that affects his vision. He finds it hard to send Christmas gifts to kids from the chimneys. Can you help him?

Santa is riding a sleigh passing the houses and all you need to do is to time your tap or click to throw gifts into the chimneys. It sounds easy and simple but it’s a real challenge. If you throw a gift sooner or later only 1 second, you miss and if you miss once, you have to start from the beginning.

Your ultimate objective is to successfully throw as many gifts as possible. A gift is a point. Santa Claus auto-moves and he won’t stop or slow down. So, how to reach that goal? The key to mastering this  Friv game is that you have to throw the gift at the right moment. To do that, you should wait until Santa Claus comes close to each chimney.

If Santa Claus is too far from the chimney or when he is right above the chimney, you will fail. At the moment when Santa Claus is closest to the chimney, click or tap and you will never fail. Over time, the game becomes harder as the chimneys seem to get smaller. You will have to be twice as careful as before. Have a safe journey and enjoy other games such as http://Noob Steve Nether and Atanu Boy 2 after finishing your mission here.

Instructions: Mouse.