Knives.IO GamePlay:

It seems that IO games never let the player down. It’s both challenging and simple. You can master the rules at glance but to win, you need time. Knives.IO is the latest multiplayer IO game at friv Games school that puts you into a super sharp battle where you have to prove that you are the strongest. To get that title, you have to move around and collect as many knives, forks, and other items to grow up. The knives that you collect will move around you as a shield.

You can only attack the players who have fewer knives than you. If you encounter a stronger one, you lose all knives and also love your life. A match lasts 60 seconds and you can see your rank on the leaderboard placed in the upper right corner. You not only have to stay away from the players who have more knives than your but also obstacles on the map. If your knife circle hits one of those obstacles, the game ends.

Just like other IO games at https://friv.land/ that have the same gameplay as this one when a player dies, he or she will leave behind a huge number of knives and you don’t want those knives to belong to your opponents, right? Collecting the leftover of a dead one is the fastest way to become strong. And you are really lucky if you collect a lot of knives without doing anything to kill other players.

If you make sure that you have enough knives to take the top 1 of the leaderboard and no one can take that position, you should stay in one place to preserve your knives because when you move around, you may hit an unexpected obstacle and become a loser. Have fun and check out other games such as Snake YO and Footix.io

Instructions: Mouse.

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