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Kunai Throw cracks you up at Friv.land. You try hard to become an old hand. You own knives and must throw them at the right spots. You master your shooting skill and reaction abilities. You know what to do on friv all games. The Kunai Throw game doesn’t need to show you the ropes. How about using knives to kill time?


Kunai Throw free game is an HTML game which is able to be played in safari and chrome. You can it on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Androids devices and Window Phones).  You don’t know how many levels the game has. Play to find out the number of levels. You complete them one by one. You have to begin with level 1 of friv all games online. Win it to unlock level 2.


The knives are like ninja’s weapons. The target is a wooden round plate. The plate will rotate continuously. It won’t stop at any second. Its speed changes, which annoys players. It rotates in clockwise often, but sometimes it changes suddenly and rotates in counterclockwise. Challenge of each stage is different from the others.


In level 1, you are provided 5 knives. You launch them at the target. At level 2, you must shoot 6 knives at the plate. You will shoot 7 knives at the target at level 3. You continue launch 8 blades in the level 4. You have only one life in friv all games player. If you cannot shoot any knife at the target, you lose the game. If a knife touches another one, you lose too. You get one point for each successful shot. The game saves your best score and lets you see your existing score. The game just has two colors which are black and dark blue. The knives and target are blue and the background is black.


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  • Use the mouse to shoot blades.
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