Paperio Space GamePlay:

The best tactic to win Paperio Space is by conquering as many areas as possible! You can join this incredibly fun multiplayer online game from Friv play 2018 with the special io theme and amazing play ground now. The io games focus on letting the players experience the huge map and interact with the other players.

So in this game, you will also move around the map while trying to complete the ultimate goal of marking your area. You can claim an area as your own by drawing a line around it. Control your little square and start moving out of your base. Everywhere it goes, it will leave a trace behind. When you finish marking and manage to get back to your base, the area inside your line becomes yours. However, be careful as the other players will try to intervene in your path. They won't let you get back to the base easily.

Therefore, sometimes you might need to go around them. The players can steal their enemies' territory or kill them by crossing their lines. Try your best to gain the larger territory and bring home the highest score. The best player in this game is the one who can flexibly move around and avoid being hit with smart moves. Will you be able to survive in this intense game? There are more io games such as Stba. io and Skyfight .io for you to try out as well.

Enjoy at http://friv.land/!


Use the arrow keys to move the square.

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