Lob Master 2021 GamePlay:

Lob Master 2021 is a must-tried game for everyone who loves football. As you may know, every single football game at https://friv.land/ is different. They’re all about football but each game gives you a unique gaming experience. Your ultimate goal is to score as many goals as possible like other footfall games. You need to help the attacker of your team to lob the ball over the goalkeeper to score. You have to work out shots on goal from certain distances.

It’s hard to score because the goalkeeper is standing there and the opposing team’s players are ready to block you anytime. If you kick the ball in a high arc and get scores, it seems to be impossible but don’t worry, you get help. When you touch or click on the ball, a special dotted line will appear. With this line, you can adjust the strength and calculate the trajectory of the impact on the ball. When all the parameters are calculated accurately, the ball will fly straight to the goal net. With each successful shot, you get 100 points.

In this exciting Friv Land game, you have 2 minutes to get as many goals as possible. If the previous shot fails, you can base on it to adjust the ball's trajectory more correctly in the next attempt. Lob over the goalkeeper and you earn 100 points. In the later levels, you need to pass the ball to your teammate so he can kick the ball. When he scores, you earn 50 points.

It becomes much harder to score when you advance. Have a successful match and enjoy more enjoyable games on our site such as Ski Challenge 3D and Santa Winter Head Soccer

Controls: Mouse to aim and kick the ball.