Slime Maker GamePlay:

What is slime? Why do people want to play with it? How to make slime. Well, slime is a toy product that has surged in popularity in the past few years. It has the enchanting appearance and delightfully malleable texture. The main ingredients to make slime are glue, shaving cream, borax, foamy soap with water but you can add some glitter, food coloring, flower petals and more to make it more stand out in its look.

You can easily buy various kinds of slime out there but it would be more fun if you make it by yourself. Let Slime Maker give you a detailed recipe and show you how to make it successfully. Here at http://friv.land, you pour glue into a big bowl. Next, you put a lot of shaving cream into the same bowl. This makes your slime fluffy. To have a nice texture, you add a little bit of foamy soap.

Then, add a spoon of corn starch. You want your slime smell great, right? That’s why you should add a few drops of hand soap or shower gel. Next, you add a little bit of lotion to avoid stickiness on Games friv online. Now, have a good mix. You need to make an activator for the mixture in order to turn it into the real slime. It’s time to mix Borax with the hot water and pour it into the bowl of slime.

Finally, it’s done. You now can squeeze and play with your fruit of labor. With simple ingredients, you can make homemade slime and add more dry ingredients of your choice. Besides, you can unlock more colors and features during playing. Have fun! Enjoy more girls games available for free on our site such as Wasteland Siege and Pocket Ninja.

How to play: Make homemade slime by using your mouse.

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