Mayhem Area GamePlay:

Mayhem Area is a thrilling and interesting shooter game where you alone deal with hordes of enemies. Here at Friv Land, enemies will appear suddenly. Look at the sky and be ready all the time because they come from the clouds. when the cloud turns gray, it means the enemy is about to appear. You should move to stay away from them and shoot them from afar.

Don’t let them land on your head. By this, you are easy to be killed. When you’re far from them, you will have time to get ready and have time to aim and shoot. You can shoot at enemies when they haven't landed yet. Because you’re alone and enemies are crowded, you should make use of the help to kill enemies effectively. The ammo is very limited. You can’t save your life if you just shoot at them without collecting power-ups.

This game looks so simple and easy but the fact that it’s truly challenging. Like other games at https://friv.land, you have an objective to achieve which is to kill as many enemies as you can and survive as long as possible. The game ends when you run out of HP. Collect power-ups and you will have a chance to recover your HP or ammo and so on. Over time, more and more enemies appear and you may be surrounded by them.

At that moment, try hard to run away to prolong the distance between you and the enemy, so that it will be easier to defeat them. Good luck and enjoy the excitement that the game brings to you. Besides, don’t forget to check out other games such as Punch King and Jump on Jupiter.

Instructions: Mouse to aim and shoot, arrow keys to move.

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