Minicraft Duello GamePlay:

Minicraft Duello is a cool TNT game for 2 players. You can’t play this game alone. Then, to join this friv com school game, you have to invite one of your friends and the two of you will battle against each other on the same device. Your mission here is to blow up your opponent by TNT. It’s not about placing bombs in a labyrinth to trap your opponent. Instead, you approach your target and throw TNT at him.

Once the TNT hits your opponent, it explodes and your opponent will get damaged. Plan your moves and explode your TNTs. Without tactics, you won’t attack your opponent successfully. Besides attacking, watch out for your opponent’s attack. Defend yourself by running away from the TNTs. You can cover yourself behind the walls and other objects. Don’t let your opponent get any chances to come too close to you. You lose when your HP bar is empty.

Unlike other battle games at https://friv.land/, HPs won’t be recovered by any means here. You should keep yourself safe as long as possible. Make sure your opponent runs out of HPs before you. With two different maps and enjoyable gameplay, you and your friend will have a great gaming time in this game. Remember that before starting a match, let’s name your character with a cool nickname.

During the match, you can pick up some items that help you a lot in the battle. They can help you slow your opponent, increase your character’s speed, increase the bomb’s power, or increase the bomb’s speed; therefore, don’t ignore these items when you see them. Have fun and enjoy Fat Mario vs Zombies and Mario vs Huggy Wuggy

How to play: Player 1 uses WASD to move, R to throw TNTs, and Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, and P to throw TNTs.