Moana Cute Zoo GamePlay:

Moana is a veterinarian and also studied zoology a zoo. This zoo is different from other zoos because it doesn’t keep animals in the cages and welcome visitors to come every day. This zoo is where kind people help poor animals who are hurt and injuring. Many animals need help. Are you willing to help Moana cure these animals and free them when they recover?

If you love animals and want to become a great person like Moana, you should play Moana Cute Zoo at game friv. Today, there are some urgent cases. Four patients arrive including a tiger, an elephant, and three penguins. Firstly, you must quickly handle wounds of this pitiful tiger, heal her leg and cut her claws. Then, brush her hair, give her some food because she is hungry now. She looks sad.

You give a toy to boost her mood. It looks like a baby elephant fell down the mire. He is dirty. Your mission is to give it a nice bath, then feed him with delicious fruits. After that, let him have a rest. One of three penguins got the flu. Let heal her before the flu spreads to other penguins on http://friv.land/. Measure her temperature, wipe her nose, give her medicine. give her an injection and a scarf to keep warm.

Follow every detailed step to take care of each animal until they all recover and ready to back to the wild. This game is the best choice for kids. It encourages children to develop a sense of responsibility and love for animals. If you want to enjoy more games related to this one, please check out Storm City Mafia and Great White.

Instructions: Use your mouse to take care of each animal.

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