Cute Unicorn Care GamePlay:

After having an interesting adventure in the forest, our beautiful unicorns get hurt and look so dirty. They need to be treated and cleaned right now. It’s your mission in Cute Unicorn Care - a lovely frivland kids game. You have to take care of 3 unicorns. Choose the first one and let’s start. First of all, you need to spit out the thorns and leaves. After getting rid of this stuff, they need to take a shower. Use water and shampoo and wash them gently. You also play some mini-games such as pop the bubble.

Don’t forget to clean and polish their horn. Next, you change 4 horseshoes and polish them too. Your next task is to heal the wounds by using the medkit that the game offers. One the unicorn looks nice and clean, you can give it an injection to prevent virus and disease. She looks tired and hungry now. She needs some delicious food to restore the health on http://friv.land/. Feed her carrot, water, milk, and some fresh fruits. She loves strawberry.

Choose for each unicorn a suitable outfit to get ready for another adventure. The game is divided into 8 parts. You have to finish the current part to unlock the next one. After the first unicorn is cared for nicely, you can go on with the second one and the final one. They are waiting for you in the backyard. When everything is done, you can have a ride to discover the magic land in this game. It’s a great idea to play other games such as Cat Around Asia and My Fairytale Unicorn.

How to play: Take care of your unicorn by using your mouse.

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