Great White GamePlay:

How was your day? Is it happy or sad? Boost your mood in an exciting hunt with Great While - an interesting action game at friv Games. The ocean is ruled by different pieces. Who is the mightiest one? There is no answer but it can be you. In this thrilling game, let’s make other pieces be terrified each time you appear. Chasing them as food and satisfy your hungry stomach with fresh fishes.

It will be a great hunting journey under the water. You play as a great white shark and complete tons of missions. You have to finish the current mission to take on the next one. However, these missions are so challenging that make you do several times to complete. You have to chase a certain kind of fish, eat a certain number of fishes and so on. Each mission requires you to catch its own number and type of fish.

The mission will increase in the difficulty as you level up. You should know that in the large ocean, chasing something is not easy. The small fish is fast and they easily escape from you. Besides, the white shark will die if its stats drop to zero on http://friv.land/. Make sure it has something to eat before it’s too late. Within a time limit, will you able to finish every mission successfully? Check it out now. The ocean beast is waiting for you. Enjoy different gameplay with other games such as Stack Ball and Slime Maker.

How to play: Arrow keys to swim, W to move up, S to move down, Shift to boost speed, Space to attack.

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