Clone Jumping GamePlay:

Cloning Jumping is a fun and challenging arcade platform game where you will meet several cloning cubes. These cubes are special because when one moves, the others also move. Because of that, they always put themselves at risk. That’s why you are here in Cloning Jumping at friv online Games. Your main mission is to lead those cubes to reach the black hole in each level.

Keep in mind that they jump together, move to the left together and move to the right also together. This will make it difficult for you but if you can master this special feature and make use of it, you can easily reach your ultimate goal. This platform game also combines puzzle gameplay. You have to find a perfect way to lead each cube to a black hole. When one cube enters a black hole, this black hole will disappear. Each black hole is just for one cube. And you have to decide which black hole is for which cube.

Here at https://friv.land/, you need to observe the surrounding environment and the obstacles that you’re about to deal with. By doing that, you can plan your move in advance and successfully overcome obstacles to reach the final destination. If only with one character, then the challenge is very simple. but with controlling more than 2 characters moving at the same time, you will find the challenge much more difficult. One cube dies and the others also die.

Let’s see how you can clear all 30 levels. Use your logical thinking to conquer every single level and after that, you can find your joy in other games such as PIGGY - Escape From Pig and Soosiz.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys.

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