Mr. Cop Master GamePlay:

These days, the world is no longer peaceful. Bad guys may be more than innocent people. You are Mr.Cop and your ultimate goal is to clean these bad guys to make the world better. Achieve that goal in Mr. Cop Master – a fun and free shooting combine with a puzzle game at Friv Land. All you need to do is to shoot at all the bad guys in each level with a certain number of bullets. Use as few bullets as possible to earn 3 stars.

However, you just need one star to unlock the next level. Your achievement list may look great if you earn 3 stars on every single level. So do it if you want to. This is a combination of shooting games and puzzle games, so you have to find the best way to shoot your targets. The bad guys stand in different possible and sometimes, they are covered by some objects. You should observe the situation before taking action because you can make use of some objects to kill them.

On https://friv.land/, it’s time to show off your deadly accuracy and precision in each mission. Whether your target is a zombie, mutant, or so on, take them down with the best shot and save the world. As you level up, the mission becomes challenging. The hard-to-solve cases will appear and they will push you into the challenge.

Make a try and keep trying until you succeed. Take your time because your targets won’t run away from you. 25 levels are waiting for you to conquer. Finish them all and deal with new challenges in other games such as Crazy Gravity Space and Lucky Life.


Aim and shoot using your mouse.

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