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My Pizza Outlet is the latest cooking game, especially it’s about pizza making. This time, come to Italy to discover its unique cuisine. Here at Friv Land, you become the owner of a pizza store and the professional pizza maker. Your main goal is to make a pizza according to each customer’s order and serve them with the best pizza in the world. Entice your guests with a great pizza taste and savor, so they always choose your pizza store and become a loyal customer. The new day is here.

Open your pizza store and be well-prepared to welcome your first customer and the others. The best tip to be a success is to make what your customer orders. Don’t choose the wrong ingredients or make pizza get burned or uncooked. You can make it, right? On Cooking Games, when a customer enters your store, they will give you a detail about what they want. After getting the order, you start making pizza. You will do the whole process from making dough to bake the pizza. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it because you’re not alone.

The game gives you instructions about each step. You just need to follow the instructions. You can always check the order. Doing it usually to make sure you follow the recipe correctly. Choose only one wrong ingredient, and your customer will not be satisfied. They may not come back again. So be careful and serve pizza on time. Each pizza not only has to look great but also taste great.

Keep it in mind, and you will succeed. Enjoy other fun games like this one for free on our site. The following options are some of the best ones: Pizza Realife Cooking and Pizza Cooking Game.

How to play:

Making pizza by using your mouse.

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