Save Animals: Forest fire GamePlay:

The forests are burning. Wild animals are calling for help. Their living environment is gone. They are running around in fear. There is not much time to find water and use water to pull out the fire. The only solution for this issue. So, in Save Animals: Forest Fire at Kids Games, all you need to do is to rescue those animals by leading them to the truck and taking them to a safe place. There is a fragile and rickety bridge that connects two sides of the rivers, swamps, oceans, and so on. Each time, only one animal can cross this bridge.

Timing your tap or click to make those animals turn left or right at the corners. The animal auto-moves ahead but if you let them just walk like that, they will fall down the river and so on. You have to change their moving direction, so they can reach the truck and get on the truck safely. As you progress, the animal-rescuing mission becomes more challenging. You need to stay focused. If one of those animals falls and loses its life, you have to do that mission once again. You will fly to different regions to rescue wild animals from burning forests.

With each successful mission, a new animal will be unlocked. All rescued animals will be transferred to a farm until you find a new safe living habitat for them. Let’s see how many animals can you save and how many kinds of animals need to be helped. Something insanely exciting will be discovered in this Frivland fun game. If you want to play more games as enjoyable as this one, you can look for them in our game collection or check out the following options Happy Filled Glass 3 Game and Rainbow Friends Coloring Book Game.

How to play: Mouse.

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