Bullet Fire GamePlay:

You are an elite soldier and you have a new mission. Can you guess it? You have to eliminate all enemy troops in the area. Bullet Fire is an awesome FPS game with 3 levels of difficulty. You can start with Easy mode, then Normal and Hard. Here at frivGames 2020 , enemy troops build bases in your country territory. You are tasked with sneaking into the enemy base, destroying them and destroying the base.

As an elite soldier of the army, you accept the mission and promise to return in victory. With all the skills trained in the army and bravery, you go alone into the enemy base with the determination to destroy them. You are alone with your gun as the companion while your enemies are crowded. You need to be careful and stay alert. Enemies can suddenly appear everywhere. It is a test for your skills and courage. You must take action quicker than them. Kill anyone appears on your sight before you get shot.

On free online friv Games , you should take advantage of all objects around as the cover to avoid the attacks from enemies. Look for them and shoot them immediately without any hesitation. Don’t give them any chance to kill you. Take care of your health, you can’t recover your health with any items like other games. So, keep your life safe and send your opponents to hell. Aim and shoot, reload your weapon and keep shooting like never before. If you love shooting games, there are also many different choices available on our site. Check out Ultimate Strike Down 2 and Sniper 3d City Apocalypse

How to play: WASD/ Arrow keys to move, mouse to turn your character, aim and shoot, R to reload your weapon.