Pocket Ninja GamePlay:

This land is engulfed in war between 4 mighty families. They all think that their clan is the strongest one. No one can bear each other and they decided to fight against each other to find out the winner. Welcome to a strategy adventure to claim the title of the best clan in Pocket Ninja at friv Games free. You will send out the best warriors to deal with waves after waves of enemies in a small battlefield.

You don’t directly control them because they automatically attack enemies. What you need to do is to merge your basic warrior to get the new one who is stronger. You also can unmerge them. The game offers a total of 30 levels with the difficulty increases as you level up. You will deal with more stronger enemies and if you don’t plan how to merge your warrior, you hardly win the battle.

On http://friv.land, merge 2 warriors to get an archer, merge 3 warriors to get a hero with a sharp spear, merge 4 warriors to get a stronger hero with a hammer and so on. With each kill, you earn some coins. You can use the coins to upgrade your hero to enhance their strength. Besides each hero use weapons to attack enemies, you also cast the spells to aid your hero during the battle.

You can freeze or burn your opponents. Each skill needs 15 seconds to recover and after 15 seconds, you can use them against. As the game processes, you can unlock more heroes and more skills, and meet more challenging enemies. Good luck! Will your clan is the strongest one? Don’t forget to explore more games available on our site such as as Stickjet Challenge and Crazy Ball.

How to play: Use the mouse to merge and unmerge your warriors and numbers to cast the spell.

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