Parkour Block 5 GamePlay:

Parkour Block 5 is finally available at Friv free games that welcomes you to a new jumping challenge in the blocky Minecraft world. Here, instead of building and crafting, what you do is jump through a series of floating platforms to reach the portal. All to keep you safe from hot lava. You play in the first-person view. This provides a realistic experience and feeling. Below you and the platforms are hot lava. Try your best to define your position, then time your jump to land on the next platform successfully.

To define your position better, you should make use of the character's hand, then you will know the position and direction. Besides, determining the distance between you and the platform is essential for a successful jump. Those floating platforms come in different distances and sizes. The flat and straight road doesn’t exist. The only way to the portal is to jump from platform to platform. If you fall, you will sink into the sea of lava. Don’t rush because each level doesn’t require you to reach the portal within a given time. Only jump when you are sure that you have determined the right direction and force.

Like other level-based games out there as Noob Fuse, as you level up, you will face much harder jumping missions. You may face obstacles or moving platforms later on. Without any upgrades or helpers, you have to face those challenges by yourself. Keep calm and don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, you can restart the level whenever you want. You will definitely play better over time. Good luck and here, you can find tons of Friv 10 adventure games to enjoy in your free time such as Monster School Parkour Challenge.


Mouse to look around, arrow keys to move, and Space to jump.

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