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Noob is waiting for you in the magical block world of Minecraft. What is he going to do this time? Is there any conflict or adventure? No, Noob will teach you how to use bombs to blow up everything. Yes, instead of embarking on a journey or collecting materials to build or craft, or trying to survive, you will experience something more explosive. Get ready for this mission in Noob Fuse at free online friv games. So, your main objective is to make all houses blow up by using bombs.

Each level gives you a certain number of bombs and a fuse to collect a specific number of crystals. You will place a bomb in an ideal position to destroy the house. After that, you break into the house and find the chest, then place another bomb and use a fuse to activate it to destroy the chest to get crystals inside. The more destruction you make and the fewer the bomb you use, the more scores you get. With those scores, you can buy weapons from the merchant standing nearby. The mission fails because of 1 reason that are you run out of bombs while you haven’t gotten enough crystals. Don’t forget that here, we have tons of Frivland adventure games for you to enjoy. Some of them are Noob Steve Nether and Noob Platform Adventure.

You don’t have to run far away from the bombs when it’s activated. Don’t worry. You won’t get hurt. So, from small houses to big houses, break into them and get all crystals inside. The owners of those houses are not at home. You won’t get caught by all means. Have fun in the amazing blocky world and accompany Noob on this mission.


WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to look around, left click to pick, and right click to use a fuse or place bombs.

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