Shoot Penalty GamePlay:

Football, yes it’s another football game that you can play for free at Friv Land. It’s called Shoot Penalty. Just by looking at its name and you can tell what the game is about, right? You don’t have to run around the field to pass the ball, steal the ball and kick the ball to the goal. You are the one responsible for taking the penalty kicks. Pass the opposing team’s player and goalkeeper to send the ball to the goal and score.

Get a score after a score to win the match. The goalkeeper is ready to block your shoot, the additional players of the opposing team are there to defend, the ball is right in front of you and what you have to do now is to make a perfect shot. Observe the opposing team’s players and take advantage of their loopholes to kick with the hope that the ball will go right into the net without being blocked by any running players and the goalkeeper.

On https://friv.land/, if the ball hits the crossbar or the goalkeeper and a player, you fail. You have 3 chances. It means if you miss 3 shots, the match ends. However, you can always start a new match and do what you have to do. You can see the target that appears in the goal. Try to kick the ball there and you will never fail. This target is a kind of helper.

You can play this game with your friends to enhance your gaming experience. Have fun and don’t forget to try out the following choices: Skateboard Surf and Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

Controls: Swipe or use your left click to kick.