Pixel Warrior GamePlay:

Do you want to feel the thrill of a shooting game in which you have to play hard to protect your life? Welcome the pixel world of Pixel Warrior at friv actions game filled with dangers and zombies. Let’s see how can you kill your enemies to save your life here. The game offers 2 amazing game modes including Army Camp - you have to defeat all zombies and Death Match - killing all enemies is your mission. Each mode brings a different gaming experience.

On http://friv.land/, your ultimate goal in both of these game modes is to stay alive as long as possible. Aim and shoot accurately to kill your opponents. You can find various weapons in the game. Moving around the map to collect weapons and bullets on the ground. You have a limited amount of blood. When getting the attack, your blood drops. If it reaches zero, the game is over. As a zombie shooter, you should be expected that there are many zombies coming to you. They are crazy about your brain. While you have only a brain, so you won’t wait for the death but fight hard to survive.

A headshot is the most effective way to kill someone. With only one headshot, your enemy falls down right away. When you shoot at their body, aim or chest, they still alive and it even makes them crazier. Be ready to face several zombies at the same time. A dangerous world is waiting for you to explore. Remember you are the lonely man. Your greatest comparison is your weapons. Good luck! Challenge yourself in other games such as Squadd Royale and Nighty Knight.

Controls: Use arrow keys to move, mouse cursor to navigate and aim, left mouse button to shoot.

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