Warrior And Beast GamePlay:

Puzzle games vary in type and spotting the differences is one of the most played types of puzzle game. Here at friv for kids school, you can search for many choices of that type, and Warrior And Beast is one of them. Its name sounds tense but it features 20 couples of colorful images that don’t relate to weapons or wars. Each couple seems to look the same but they have five differences. Your mission is to spot those differences before time runs out.

You have 2 minutes to reach your goal. Use your hawk eyes to scan the whole image and find out the differences between them. You should divide the image into small parts and look at the details. They compare the specific parts of the two images. By doing this, you will find it easier to spot the differences. Some first levels are simple because they don’t have many details but as you level up, it takes much time to get your job done. However, if time is about to run out and there are some differences left, you can use hints to solve the problem.

Like most puzzle games on https://friv.land/, this game also offers hints to help players pass the challenges. However, the number of hints at each level is limited. When you use them all, you have to rely on yourself to find the rest of the differences. Restarting that level is also a way to have more time to finish the current stage. The next level only opens when the previous one is completed.

Have a great relaxing time and you can always play other choices of games for free on our site. Two of the best options for you are Among Jumper and Squid Run!.

Controls: Tap or click to spot the differences.

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