Dr Octopus Darkling GamePlay:

Adventures are always filled with joy, mysteries, and also dangers. Play as Dr Octopus who is trapped in the world of darkness and sadness, you have to find the way out. Can you beat all levels in Dr Octopus Darkling at online friv Games? It’s called the world of darkness and sadness because everything here is black and grey.

On your journey, you will meet several animals but they aren’t friendly at all. You will get damaged when you touch them. To be more precise, you will lose your life. Your journey has several phrases and you have only one life in each phrase. Your life is threatened by 2 dangers including animals and poison water. When you and any animals have a little touch or you fall into poison, you have to start that level once over again.

To move to the next phase, you have to reach the flag at the end of the current phrase. Master your jump is the key to conquer this fun and challenging game. You have to make each jump perfectly and accurately. Unlike many adventure games on https://friv.land/, this one doesn’t require you to finish a level within a certain amount of time. Therefore, take your time. Too hasty and you will fail. With the challenges that you will deal with on the way, a slow but steady strategy is always what you need.

Sometimes, you need to rest before you take the next movement to observe and get ready for the jump. Have a safe journey with Dr Octopus and new adventures are waiting for you in other games such as Super Raccoon World and Squid Game Green Light Red Light Hints.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to play.

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