Robin Moody GamePlay:

Robin Moody brings us back the Late Middles Ages of Europe at Friv.land. You will become a heroic outlaw who is a highly skilled archer. Compete against a whole army of evil skeletons so as to protect the kingdom. Fight as a brave knight and shoot all enemies down. Robin Moody game of riv com is a fierce battleground.

The Robin Moody is a bloody war in which you take a part of the hero Robin Hood. You are alone soldier facing a variety of enemies. They are enchanted skeletons. They look for you, attack and try to take your life. Their aim is to eliminate you while you attempt to shoot them to survive in www riv com. You must stand in a certain position. You cannot run or move to another place. You just may turn left, turn right and turn back. We give you a bow and unlimited arrows. Therefore, act fast and shoot well to save your life.

The opponents come to you from 4 directions on game riv com. They may attack one by one or a line of enemies run to you. The speed of every skeleton is different. Consider which enemy to kill firstly. You have 3 lives in each game. There is a red health bar presenting your life. When red runs out of, you lose a life. If you use up 3 lives, you will die at all. The game is over. You can replay.

In the first game, there are 100 skeletons. You must terminate all of them to win a great victory in riv com. After wiping out 100 skeletons, you can begin a new battle. If you can’t kill 100 enemies within 3 lives, you will result in failure. In that case, you have to fight with 101 enemies in the next game. After each failure, we add one skeleton to the enemy’s army. Be careful!

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How to play:

  • Use the arrows to move.
  • Use Space to shoot.  
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