Carfight.io GamePlay:

Carfight.io is a cool and impressive multiplayer online IO Game, brings you to a battlefield filled with other opponents. Same as you, they come here with the hop to become the No.1 player. Here at play friv, this is the epic battle without weapons but it’s full of action. To rule the leaderboard, you have to destroy as many cars as possible by hitting from their back or sides. However, it’s not easy at all.

Your opponents are the great racers who will protect their car at all cost. You must be patient to wait the right moment to crash poor prey. Boost your speed and suddenly attack the car near you to eliminate each of them. Knock your opponents off the battlefield and let them explode. Do more car bump and get scores with each successful time. You earn money to unlock different car models. With each kill, your car will grow bigger. It is the feature of IO game.

On friv com Games play, with the bigger size, you will have many advantages compared with the small size. You will be stronger which helps you kill your opponents easier and make them find it hard to destroy you. If you love IO game, then you should check this game out. Start with entering a cool username, choose your favorite color of your car and start fighting. Watch out every direction because other racers will suddenly appear and attack you. Be well – prepared to avoid them and keep your life safe until you rule the leaderboard as the best racer. Do you want to enjoy other fights against many players around the world? Demolition Derby Simulator and Vehicles Simulator 2 is 2 places to go.

Controls: Use left click to boost your car to attack and mouse to change the direction.

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