Sally BBQ Joint GamePlay:

Sally's restaurant is increasingly crowded. Players can help our girl when participating in Sally BBQ Joint at friv mobile. This game has attracted a lot of game players in their spare time when they love cooking games. BBQ takes time to complete and any player wants to overcome challenges and cook delicious food when participating in this game.

The number of your customers will increase, so do not forget to upgrade the restaurant and the number of employees to earn more money when participating in the game. We facilitate online players without being bothered by any factors. If you're ready for this adventure, explore the thrilling cooking process of the game. Each player has their way of joining and completing the game with different scores.

Do you hesitate any longer without unlocking the levels today? Share with your friends the friv cooking to find lots of useful new games and practice gaming skills today. BBQs in turn appear in this game as the most special dish that needs time to prepare. Will the increasing visitors hinder you?

The game space of this game is extremely large and the dishes need to be completed to serve all customers. Get ready for any challenge by joining our awesome gaming space today. You also need to explore some other similar games in your free time like Hot Dog Bush and Burger Now. Share this game and unlock all levels.


Use the left mouse button to cook food in different kitchen locations and perfect the game to get the highest score

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