Slime Hunter GamePlay:

Our world is a green planet where many alien creatures want to invade. This time, slime monsters are coming to turn this world into the slime world. In Slime Hunter at Friv Land, you are a slime hunter and your mission is to hunt those slime monsters. Wipe them out of this world and make them never return once again. Don’t let its innocent look fool you. They are not the cute monster that you can hug and kiss them. They are dangerous and they won’t come to the earth without preparation. They equip with powerful weapons and ready to kill anyone who stop them.

So, you need to be careful and take action quickly and accurately. If you mess up everything, you lose and you die. On https://friv.land/, you are alone to deal with several slime monsters at the same time. This is an unequal war. However, don’t worry because you get help from power-up items that spawn randomly on the map.

Collect each of them and they will increase your power and protect you from those monsters. 12 levels are 12 challenges that you have to conquer. In each level, you have limited HP and if you get hit, you lose HP. As you level up, you deal with more powerful monsters. You have to be careful as twice as the previous levels. Your character shoots automatically. You have to move around flexibly to avoid getting hit while shooting at enemies.

This game is enjoyable and amazing. If you’re looking for a great shooting game that satisfies your need for relieving stress, don’t hesitate anymore, jump into the battle and save the world now. Enjoy and make sure you try other games such as The Wisp and Perfect Snipe Online.


Use arrow keys to move.

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