Wasteland Siege GamePlay:

In the post-apocalyptic world full of dangers and enemies, you have to always stay alert to protect yourself against enemies. In Wasteland Siege, you have a powerful base so other enemies want to take over it. Of course, you won’t let it happen. Let’s build a powerful tower with guns and guards to defend those want to defeat you. At friv free online Games, you have to deal with 16 different enemies.

They become more powerful over time but don’t worry. You also have 10 blocks and 4 guards to fight against them. In the beginning, you use basic guns to kill your enemies. As you level up, more guns are unlocked which are able to kill more powerful enemies. You have to kill enemies in the land and air at the same time.

Use the coins you have collected after each killed to upgrade your weapons to enhance their health and power on http://friv.land. You lose when your tower’s drop to zero. If you have enough money, you can build more floors. Each floor has 2 weapons. Your guard will auto attack when enemies come close and you control the weapons on your tower. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses.

They work or not depending on your strategy. Combine them wisely to fight against your enemies effectively. Remember that your enemies are crowded so don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and guards regularly. 30 challenging levels are waiting to test your skills. Be ready and fight. Enjoy more similar games which are available for free such as Pocket Ninja and Stickjet Challenge.

Instructions: Use the mouse to build your tower and space to resume.

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